Proper pronunciation is important for effective communication. It also gives people a good impression on your English competency, and boosts your confidence in speaking. To improve your English pronunciation, you need to pay attention to your fluency and accuracy. You can find a series of workshops in ELSS, with each focusing on a different aspect of pronunciation:

  • Word stress and vowel sounds
  • Sentence stress; /l/, /r/, /n/, and /ŋ/ sounds
  • Connected speech
  • Intonation; /f/, /v/, and /w/ sounds
  • Accents; /s/, /z/, and /ʃ/ sounds
  • Each workshop is independent – you can do them in any order

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Each workshop lasts 50 minutes. Booking online is highly recommended; walk-ins are possible subject to availability. Due to limited spaces, you are advised to come earlier in the semester.